What's Your Story?

The story of your business is its secret to success.
Every business has a story. You just need to share it. 

It’s how we’re wired! 
From the very beginning we’ve been telling stories. They make us laugh. They intrigue us. Most of all, they help us to connect to one another.

That’s where your story comes in. Telling your story, in a video, helps you connect with your customers in a powerful, compelling way.

… and it can be told in 93 seconds, for free.

"Storytelling is about connecting to other people and helping other people see what you see."

- Michael Margolis

The 93 Stories Project

I believe in the power of video. I’ve been using video to tell stories since the late 80s when I used my friend’s camcorder to ask my date to the prom. I’ve since learned that they can be a compelling way to connect with customers. After all, video is THE fastest way to connect and establish trust. People do business with people they know, like and trust then there’s no better way to establish the know, like & trust than with your story told through a video.

I love small businesses. I own one. I have several friends and family that own one. I like to see them succeed and benefit their owners and the customers they serve. That’s why I started the 93 second story project. I am working with 93 businesses to create 93 second videos of business owners telling the story of their business … for free. No obligation. No catch. You can use the video how you’d like, whether you post it to your website or share it on Facebook. Use it to promote and grow your business.

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Here's How It Works

1. The Interview

We spend about 5 minutes doing your interview where I ask you a series of questions. I will then take the best parts to create the 93 second video.

2. Video Footage

I'll shoot some video footage of your business in action - what you do, what you sell, etc. to put on top of the interview footage. We hear the interview and see this footage.

3. Edit & Deliver

Back at my office, I edit and put it all together, complete with music, graphics, etc. for a professional 93 second video for you to use & share with others.

Included In Your Video Package:

  • On-site video shoot
  • A 93 second professionally edited video for you to post & share
  • Add’l publicity through my social media channels

Your Part:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Answer an 8-question survey
  • Schedule a time & date for your video shoot

My Part:

  • I arrive at the appointed time to shoot a brief interview with you. I’ll ask a few (easy) questions to help you tell your story. 
  • I’ll shoot some add’l footage of your business to use in the video.
  • I then professionally edit your video using state of the art video editing software.
  • I’ll send you an email when the video is ready for you to view & download. 
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! And there’s no catch either. No obligation. No sales pitch. Just a great way for you to share your story with your customers.

That’s okay. I have a series of questions to help you out.

Preferrably you as the owner. It helps create that connection between you & your customers. Speaking of customers, it’s best not to have them in the video for legal reasons. But you can always use family, friends & employees as staged customers!

Professional make-up? Not necessary. But you might want to comb through your hair 😉 … and make sure your place looks clean. You can stand if you’d like for the video or have a stool or chair available if you’d like to sit.

No worries. I am too to be honest. But I’ll help you feel comfortable, at ease & treat the conversation like it’s just two friends talking.

Not very long at all. The interview takes just a few minutes – super quick. Then I just need to film some additional footage to overlay on top of the interview. Then I’m done! The editing takes place back at my office.

Most people have short attention spans. The thought is to have a story that’s just long enough to know what it’s all about yet short enough that the viewer doesn’t get bored. 93 seconds allows them to binge and watch several videos. As for the 93 seconds? Well, just like small businesses are the backbone of America, so is Highway 93 the backbone of the Bitterroot Valley. It makes sense to have the videos be 93 seconds.

Sign Up Form & Survey

Your 93 second video is free for you to use how ever you’d like. 
All that’s required is to take an 8 question survey and fill out the video request form. That’s it!

8 Question Survey

Video Request Form

Fill out this form and I will be in touch with you to schedule a time to come out and shoot your video. Thanks!

Spam? Bleh. Not from me. Relationships are built on trust 😉 
You’ll get some emails with awesome tips & such … but you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Each business is different and has a different road map to success. Together we can discover what works best for your business and plan the next step for you to take to grow your business.

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